OOH Media

Out-of-home has never been so much sensational as it has displayed its creative vigor in recent times. It has transcended the traditional outdoor media options, extending to communicate with customers at various contact points. The creative executions which were not thinkable a few years back are now frequent exhibits of OOH furniture on green belts, roundabouts and even on billboards. With the media explosion reverberating all around and increasing competition, OOH media has attained a very crucial role in dispensing a message.

What We Offer ?

Our specialty is advertising outdoor and we work seamlessly with many advertisers as their transparent out-of-home media-buying arm. While we work on the creative end of your campaigns, we also save you precious time and money by researching latest consumer trends, recommending appropriate mediums and offering exceptional rates that will enable you to reach target audience and maximize budget.

At Core Media, our team of dedicated professionals helps you break the clutter by assisting your brands to be present at every touch-point of the potential target audience. Core Media provides strategy and innovation in communicating the message, flexibility in terms of billing, impact and coverage through OOH Media that helps leverage your brand and company.

Why Choose Us ?

Core Matrix – The Planning Tool

It is a first of its kind OOH effectiveness planning tool, based on the findings of a proprietary research study revealing how environment & format success varies between category, brand-type and the product itself. The tool has been developed in collaboration with our international consultant Mr. Sunil Gupta.

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Consumer Understanding

Quantitative research from a sample of 2,000 consumers nationwide is fused with OOH experts insight and industry norms to give a detailed understanding of travel patterns, media habits and outdoor media preferences of a diverse group of people across socio economic classes.

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Outdoor Medium Rating

Based on input from our international consultant and research partners, Core Media is the first OOH agency in Pakistan to successfully execute billboard rating across the three metros. More than 1500 sites have been evaluated across nine parameters by international research agencies.